Blog, what? Who knows

This is the first post of this blog. What will I be writing about? Who knows.

Currently our state is into a few weeks of the corona virus lock down. All bars are closed and the kids are home for the duration. This does not stop me from taking care of necessities during this crisis. I get out a couple of days per week, and damn the torpedoes!

I am currently working on this website as a distraction from the everyday boredom. The plan is to introduce some unique content driven by data from a couple of sources.

The Leaderboards at THR need an overhaul and an easier way to display the data in an expedient fashion. Adding the ability to recall game results will be in the works as well. Expect a drastic change to the current setup.

The Radio needs to be moved up onto the THR server for access to stream ports that provide the data for artist, song, no. of listeners. Until then, I usually announce that stuff in Chat. There will be a ticker added to the player to relay information to visitors.

Meanwhile, I have been doing a little binge watching. There was some great stuff out there last month.

Star Trek: Picard

Set at the end of the 24th century, 18 years after the events of `Star Trek: Nemesis’, revolves around retired admiral Jean-Luc Picard; he is still deeply affected by the loss of Lieutenant Commander Data and the destruction of Romulus, and steps into the next chapter of his life.

This 10-episode series is available on CBS All-Access and worth the price of admission. After their success with Star Trek: Discovery, this is a fine addition.

With Patrick Stewart at the helm, this saga departs from Star Fleet norms and has Picard taking a more slow, unorthodox approach to circumstances, while keeping true to the current themes in the world today with style.

Tales From the Loop

Inspired by the wondrous paintings of Simon St̴lenhag, Tales from the Loop explores the mind-bending adventures of the people who live above the Loop, a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe Рmaking things previously relegated to science fiction, possible.

This is a pretty trippy venture through space, time and how people intersect each other in a mid-80’s atmosphere.

Everyone is clacking away on IBM PCs with floppy drives, while living above “The Loop,” a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe and experience things previously consigned to the realm of science fiction.

Available on Amazon Prime, who has been putting out quality work lately.

I could go on about TV like nobody’s business, but should keep this short. Until next time folks!

Peace out!

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