You found me …

This is the personal homepage of Shady Slim. Poker recreationalist with a geeky side. He is a movie/TV nut and loves a wide range of musical tastes.

Welcome Friends & Family

This is my home away from home, well, more of a playground really! Check back in the future — may have some goodies added for your entertainment.

You can find me most weeknights playing poker online. Sometimes on the weekends. I play with a great group of folks over at Texas Holdem Radio. Join us in Chat with added dollars for bounties and other prizes.

Best regards,

Shady Slim

L-R: Shady Slim, Dunner, MrLaufer & Woohoo Sue ! A little pre-game activity in the back room during the Runabout/Merlin fiasco of 1879. Runabout scouted tells, cards, and twitches and relayed back to Merlin (’tis him looking all innocent like in the back).

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